Partner & Investor Opportunities.

As we continue to grow in our current markets and enter new global ones, we will be adding additional investors, partners and employees to grow with us in 2018 and beyond.

Kingston Cannabis Clubs is now selling franchises in the United states and is recruiting experienced and growth-oriented partners to join our team. Please send inquiries to

Kingston Cannabis Research is in the process of vetting reliable farmers in Jamaica who can supply quality product for our distribution channel. If interested, please send an email to to proceed.

Castleblack Realty is expanding into Central America and the Caribbean as well as the United States. If you are interested in participating as a real-estate specialist in these growing markets, please contact us at

Castleblack Society will be bringing on board a few more key professionals who want to participate in Real Estate investing with an experienced and reputable group of specialists. Please email for more information on how to become part of this motivated and progressive team.